WHAT A RELIEF! 20% to be exact…

30 April 2017

RoomMate has been officially recognised by HMRC as equipment designed exclusively for use by a person with disability. 

This means that purchasing a RoomMate not only massively improves accessibility in public Disabled access toilets, but they also cost 20% less than they did yesterday! 


In case you’re interested in what they say:

“Equipment or appliances designed for general use or designed for use by disabled and able-bodied people alike won’t qualify for VAT relief.

However, equipment which has been designed solely for use by disabled people will remain eligible for relief even if it’s available to be purchased by people who don’t have a disability although you can only zero rate supplies which are made to eligible customers as explained in paragraph 3.1."                                                                     VAT Notice 701/7 


RoomMate has been specifically designed to replace the need for a person with a Visual Impairment to be accompanied when entering an unfamiliar room, in this case Accessible Toilets.


We have been hard at work lobbying HMRC that because of this RoomMate qualifies for a zero rating for VAT and we’ve just had confirmation that HMRC agrees!



At just £645 +VAT each, the RoomMate was hardly going to brake the bank but now with Zero VAT on your purchase each unit becomes an absolute steal!


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