Life throws many things at us, but there is always a time, space and place for everyone.

30 January 2017

This is a recent post by the lead singer of a local Ska band, Rudi's message.

Simon Isaacs is the lead singer and he and his wife Becky are two of the nicest people I know so the following comes as no surprise to me and hopefully, if you're looking for a bit of inspiration to kick start your 2017 then this is it..  

Simons post:

"OK, a heart warming story to finish off the weekend.

Last night Rudi's Message were playing at The Railway Inn, St Agnes. During the first set, I noticed a lady dancing with some friends to my left. She was obviously deaf and her friends were signing the lyrics to her as I was singing them. Madness, Gangster, Special Brew, It Must Be Love, she had a truely sparkling smile on her face for each tune we played.

As we got to the end of the first set, I wanted to do something that would make her night. Now, knowing a few signs, I turned to her and dedicated My Girl Lollipop, at which point she came up on stage and stood next to me througout the song, while her friends continued to sign each word. For the last 90 seconds of the song, she gently placed her hand on my throat, so she could feel the voice vibration. Her understanding was amazing. By the end of the track, she was in tears and showed pure delight at what had just taken place.

After the gig had finished, I found out that she wasn't the only person in tears! To make this story even more special, this lovely lady's partner is an old friend of the band whom we hadn't seen for a number of years. When speaking to him after, he told me that when he met this remarkable lady, she never went out, was not comfortable and confident around people and would never of done this previously.

The moral of this story is simple: Life throws many things at us, but there is alwasy a time, space and place for eveyone regardless of ability or disability. Music is a powerful tool, keep on skankin'. XXX"