Radio 4 - In touch programme interview with Helen & Steve

06 October 2016

An opportunity to hear again, or if you missed it the first time, our Radio 4 - In touch programme interview with Helen & Steve.

Including a cameo appearance of the RoomMate that is working in the House of Commons Disabled Access Toilet.


Recorded a few weeks ago, Helen and Steve talk about how the RoomMate came into being and why it changes lives.

The RoomMate description you can hear is the actual description of the House of Commons toilets.

If you want to skip to the start click the picture and forward to 11minutes 50


We thought the comment regarding the audio was an especially interesting one as we have been discussing different voices in different languages and situations for quite some time.

Last year we donated a RoomMate to Little Harbour Childrens Hospice and during discussions the idea of having a child do the instructions was seriously considered.



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