Channel Swim Challenge - Update - Day 1

01 September 2016

Hi folks, my beautiful wife and Daughter are helping to raise awareness of the RoomMate by doing a swimming challenge to raise funds for our local Disabled Access toilet facility and NHS hospital.

Today is DAY 1 of the challenge and they've already completed a mile!!

At the moment of posting this the total number of pledges is at 63% of target and rising so thank-you to those who have helped so far.

We'd be grateful if you could help spread the news and, of course, every penny helps!

Kiani & Patrice Channel Challenge 2016

Today's the day... The swimming has commenced! Up with the sparrows and off to the pool! Kiani doing a valiant job of keeping me a float by tutoring me as I swam... "Not laces! heels! You're not a footballer!" " straight legs tight bum and knees laces this time!!" Now I know what I'm in for lol 
1 mile down 21 to go !! #speedo #zoggs #ADi