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19 September 2017

Helen Holyer built a business around a good idea, for the good of other people. Working with Government, she introduced her audio descriptive product RoomMate™ to public washrooms to help people with sight impairment.

This clever product provides a recorded description of the inside of any disabled access toilet. It guides the user with a systematic route between the fixtures and fittings, giving information on location, type of fixture and how it is operated.

Helen said: “Getting RoomMate™ to market has been an incredibly exciting journey. With the help of our local MP, we met with the Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the House of Commons who saw the value our product offered and how it enhanced existing facilities for people with sight impairment.



“Government buyers were immediately interested in RoomMate™ and, with their support, we have introduced our product to areas ranging from St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall to Manor Walks in Northumberland and we continue to grow.

“We wouldn’t have got where we are today without winning a contract with the House of Commons. The prestige of this contract has opened many doors for us. Indeed, since winning this contract we have gained a 300 per cent increase in business.”

“I’d really recommend working with Government. The procurement process has been quick and simple. And most importantly, having Government as our client has added huge credibility to our business and given other prospective clients the confidence to do business with us.”

“The best bit of course is when we receive positive feedback from our end user. Knowing that RoomMate™ offers a really practical solution for people, saves them a bit of a time and improves their experience, is really satisfying.”


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